Our beer


Western Pacific I.P.A

Western Pacific IPA is brewed using techniques and ingredients used from the west coast USA.

This recipe uses a handful of the coveted palate pleasing north west pacific coast hops. Big bright fruity aroma with citrus hopcharacter. A refreshing IPA to drink, smooth and well balanced with light bitter sweet finish. ABV 7% & IBU 44.7. Hopilicious!


American Ace Lager

American Ace Lager is an American craft style lager brewed with Sorachi Ace hops grown in the northwest, USA.

A thirst quencher that is light and clear with a nice balance of malty refreshness with a long dry hoppy finish. Enjoy with a hamburger, afterski or cheering on your favorite sports team. After a hard days work, this is the one to grab! ABV 4.7% & IBU 14.1%. Cheers!


Eight Red Ale

Eight Red Ale is a west coast inspired ale using 8 different malts.

A rich maltilicious bomb with hints of chocolate and caramel spiced with a sweet hug of west coast hops in the background. Eight Red Ale is worthy of your finest dining experience. ABV 5.6% & IBU 22.1. Enjoy!


California Blond Stout

California Blond Stout is a unique beer founded in California and new to the craft world. This beer has the color of a pale ale but tastes like a stout. Brewed with real coffee, cocoa, star anise, lactose and lots of hops. Layers of flavor found no where else.

ABV 6.5% IBU 30