8 thoughts on “New Homepage

  1. Hey Tommy ,

    Nice to here from you. I’d like to sample these when you have a chance to send . I’m happy for you and Julie . I’m privileged to have tasted many different recipes of Tommy’s . We’d sample a beer, talk about it, then ride thru some great powder days through the Sierra Nevada .

    1. Thanks Mike, beer is coming your way! Yah sure, i miss those deep powder days in the sierras. Cheers! Tommy

  2. Hej,

    Provade Western Pacific i Hemavan. Underbart öl – Kanske bästa IPA´n som jag provat och jag har provat många nu. Tyvärr så verkar det inte möjligt för mig att beställa detta öl i Stockholmsområdet där jag bor.


    1. Tack för dom snälla orden, det är sånt som gör att det är roligt att hålla på med det vi gör.
      Tillbaka till din fråga.
      Du kan beställa våra öl från vilken systembolag i hela landet genom privatimport, ett riktigt enkelt sätt att få ner våra öl.
      Priserna blir samma men du måste betala frakt.
      Cheers! Tommy

  3. Hey Tommy the Gun,
    I’ve been keeping an eye out for your beer and your website, I’m so happy you are doing well. I hope you have your first dollar ever made from your beer hanging up at your place, I sure would have paid more for it if you would have let me. You are a truly gifted and talented guy and I’m proud to call you a friend and be able to tell people that I’ve worked with you before you left. Now how do I get your beer?

    1. Hey Zac, what a surprise! I still have that dollar!! I look at it every now and then and think about how it came about. I think it is my lucky dollar! As far as my beer, it will probably take awhile before any export to California. I appreciate the request. You were alot of fun to be around, you always had a way to lighten up the mood around the shop. I hope everything is good out there in California. CHEERS! Tommy

    1. Was great to hang out with you at Monk’s Cellar in Roseville for beer tasting. Thanks for the invite to Faction Brewing in Oakland, was alot of fun! Hope to meet up again in the future. Cheers, Tommy

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