Welcome to SouthSide Brewing Company

Having a passion for good beer, Tommy spent many a hour crafting beer in his shop. He decided he wanted to learn more, so he went and volunteered at Lodi Beer Company. Under the leadership of owners Roger & Sam Rehmke and Brewmaster Peter York, Tommy soaked in the craft brew ways. Together with his wife Julie, Tommy decided to take his knowledge and open a small west coast style brewery back at his old stomping grounds of Skellefteå and dedicate the brewery to the west coast USA craft brew culture.

SSBC was founded in 2013. In the last year and a half we have built up from the ground a small production 7bbl craft brewery. First and foremost we want to bring you the freshest and most flavorful craft brew using the finest ingredients and handcrafted recipes from the west coast, USA. We have a grand thirst for good beer and hope you will join us and raise your glass. Cheers for better beer!

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